Menu items

Here are some highlights from my offerings. If you don’t see it here, call or email a request. I can make it happen.

Scones Among the offerings are: Blueberry/Lemon, Maple-Bacon, Chocolate Chip/Coconut, White Chocolate/Hazelnut, and Sundried Tomato/Goat Cheese. I never baked a scone when I had the bed and breakfast; I was actually afraid, because I’d found so many textures and types, I didn’t know where to start. But I found an old recipe that promised not to be a dry, too crumbly one, and the rest is history. Two people at the farmers market bought one, then came back within the hour to buy more! One person said it matched his dreams about scones. By jove, I think I’ve got it!

Swedish Limpa Bread     A customer asked for this bread from her childhood. I did some research, as always looking for the most traditional recipe, and offered her half a loaf to try. She closed her eyes and said it “brings me back to childhood in Sweden.” This aromatic loaf has white and rye flours, molasses, fennel and anise. It’s a soft loaf that makes great toast and sandwiches.

Great Gettin’ Up Morning Granola The ingredients in this granola are as close to natural as possible. I find the combination of flavors makes a great addition to fresh fruit and Greek yogurt; or a half cup warmed just a bit with some milk or cream will provide you with a good start to the day. I also use this in my granola cookies.

Granola Cookies One Christmas, I tried this to see if my granola would make into wonderful cookies. Boy, was that a good idea! Everyone loved them, and a few tweaks later, I have perfected it to offer for sale.

Mom’s Cranberry-Orange Bread As a child, I tried, then never ate again, cranberry sauce. In those days, it was usually that red wiggly jelled thing my mother popped out of a can. I didn’t like the taste any more than I liked how it looked. Some years later, I learned that the yummy sweet bread she baked around the holidays had lots of chopped up cranberries in it. She chuckled when she showed me what she was putting together for the bread, and I have loved cranberries ever since.

Challah The smell of this bread transports me to my grandmother’s kitchen in the Bronx. The aroma, the texture, and the taste all combine into something that is so much more than bread. For me challah bread represents family, holidays, warm kitchens, and also reverence as it is used in the Jewish Sabbath meal. It is a beautiful bread, and it makes the very best French toast.

Independence House Bread This was the bread that evolved during my years as innkeeper of Independence House Bed & Breakfast. I say it “evolved” because it began as my Minnesota grandmother’s Graham Bread. One night of a too-busy week, I mistakenly added white flour to the sponge, when it was supposed to have been graham flour, a much denser wheat flour. It was a happy mistake because the bread was delicious, even if it rose much further than the original. My guests loved it, and so I began to fool around with it to see how much better than just white bread I could make it. Now it includes some almond flour and sunflower seeds.


“Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts.”
~ James Beard


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