It felt like success!

IMG_0604.jpgI stood back and took a look at my booth, trying to see it as a customer might. Did it look “real,” I wondered? Since this was both opening day for the Farmers Market and for my own little business, I was a bit nervous.  But it was only a few minutes until my first customer arrived and bought a bread!

And then it just kept on happening all day.

Although things were going very well, it wasn’t really the selling that was making me so happy. Money is never how I measure success. I once told my son, Drew, who really gets it, you will know success by how you feel in the morning. Are you happy to be facing the day of whatever work you are doing? Do you catch yourself smiling for no reason?

I must say that choosing to launch my cottage kitchen bakery at the Farmers Market was perhaps the best decision I made. When I looked around at the other vendors, a couple of whom had jumped in to help me set up the canopy; I saw relaxed, satisfied, and happy people. These are all good people, doing good work…farming, crafting, sewing, bottling sun-gold honey, chasing chickens to gather eggs, and I feel so fortunate to be among them.

Baking for me is a most fundamental statement of welcome. Bread is for sharing. For some, bread is for worship. For me, it was a way back into my father’s heart, a story I will tell down the road.

At the end of the day, nearly sold out and exhausted, I knew this would feel like success on all the many Saturdays ahead. The act of baking fills me with peace and a sense of harmony in the world. Selling the wares gives me hope that some of this will pass on to others.

2 thoughts on “It felt like success!

  1. definitely sounds like success to me as well.  Money is never the gauge –  it’s the joy that comes from the doing and being, and this venture sounds like you have a lot of joy in your heart, which through your baked goods, you’re sharing with the world – success!!!!


  2. Congratulations! I wish you much happiness and success in your new venture. Best always. Jeanne Kaufman aka Jeanne_FL


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